Monday, 23 May 2016

Working on Portrait and Designs

has been away from last's year December?
yet im actually still here but more updated on Facebook than blogger nowadays
as the title, yes I work more on portrait photography than juts random photography.
i do really passionate in portraiture, im so obsessed with models editorial online
especially by Vogue.

I still working on my skills. these photos were taken on teacher's day.
although i like the un-edited one. im the one who edit them!
i like the theme Noir. the deep black and white photo
but these are too deep.
like i said, i still working on my skills

i know why i love modeling so much.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

more experiences gained and more latest designs

Im back to this partyblog! i mean, its a design blog sorry honey
Since July, Ive never posting some latest art here, because all these time
i spend too much time on Instagram which you can check out my account
for my latest quick posts of arts.

so up there is my latest edits, that i did
on my flawless selfie.
about a hundreds odd pics, theres only one caught my eyes
and i edited it, so there you go.
lately, everytime i edited my pic,
i will brush off my eyes like iwas an anonymous creature
that making amazing arts, like Sia.

so, next up, is my personal typography poster, which is i used my old picture
basically this year (2015) picture, but on January I guess
the reason why i design this typography poster, just because of the Faino font
that i downloaded from +Creative Market 
so, i spend for about like half an hour to finish this
simple design

so, this is my friend. he is forced by me to pose some random men looking
pose. lol
and he did well. thank you friend
i made this not because he ask me todo, but i just in the mood of designing
since im not a freelance that i work for other human yet,
so i spend my creativity on other human faces
thats seems rude sentence

this is my favorite! the truth is, its actually inspired by someones in pinterest
i really love the the Brush font, which is also i got from +Creative Market 
and the shot of mine picture was on January
since im a very talented model,
i would just forget everything what other people say, and pose for fun!

normally i post more on my life blog which is you guys can check out here
and post a lots of other arts and life stuffs

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Latest ARTS and OTHERS

Hello! sups guys? that what they usually says? never mind, So lately I havent post any new design that I made in this blog. Sorry.. I do make a lot of design and edits, but I dont really have the suitable time for me to upload all those works. Im still a student, so I have so many responsible.. Recently, I just finished an exam called PT3.. A BIG EXAMINATION!! gladly I can answer them all.. but anyway, here the most latest design and edit that I've made..

There they are.. So if you guys like my edits and design, share it to your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ or anywhere you like.. I just started making my own personal life blog story of syahmi life, you can  click the link to visit it. thanks for visiting and have a great day!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wallpaper of the Week! | Leeza's Mountain Wallpaper

Hello everybody!

so, what Ive done? My teacher wallpaper!! I made it my self.. I really fail at intro paragraph, but nevermind. I must write it anyway. This wallpaper I made is for my teacher. She like nature/nature scene, so, I search the background in google, edit it and tadaaa! what ever just take a look.

Original Scene

Art #1

Art #2

Saturday, 6 September 2014

NEW typo wallpaper and Logos | My officially design logos and wallpaper

Hello there!!

Im so miss many post since the last 3 week. I was too busy, thinking about my BIG examination and I just past the trial PT3 examination. The real examination is on next month (September) and Im so dead!  I do LOTS of mistake especially in Math paper. haha! enough talking about exam and other stuff, in this post, surely my UPDATES about what I have made this week. My own official design logos and wallpaper!! wooo!! so excited about the logos. I can use it where ever I go, I mean make all of my arts to look more 'me'. Is it right? of course no.. haha.. never mind.. Come and take a look!

My official design Logos.. What do you think?? I keep it simple as possible.

Below is my two different background wallpaper that I use to 'test' my logos. I change the opacity to make it more 'interesting'?



Friday, 29 August 2014

LOVE Boxes Grungy Wallpaper | NEW typography wallpaper

Hello there!

So, again, here the 2 am design art LOVE BOXES wallpaper Grungy…. What else name? hahaha LOL.. Im using a single colour for the background, and combine ‘doubling-up’ the grungy pattern. That’s how it suppose? LOL. Its available in two colour. What do you think? Leave a comment down below for your opinion. Have a nice day!